Welcome atheists, agnostics, skeptics — you are all welcome here! At Seattle Atheist Church, we call ourselves an atheist church because you will never hear anything supernatural promoted from the podium.

Join us for our Sunday Service each and every week in Seattle.

  • Sermon
    Sunday Service: Nothing to Swear On - How the Godless Build Trust
    Sunday March 25 2018 at University Heights Center, Room 209

    This week's speaker (Joe) is giving a talk about how the godless build trust without any gods watching and keeping score. Afterwards we'll have a group discussion about the talk and whatever else comes to mind.

    There will be complimentary coffee and snacks. Parking is free at the University Heights Center.

  • Sermon
    Sunday Service: Training, Teaching, and Parenting without Reward and Punishment
    Sunday March 25 2018 at University Heights Center, Room 209

    This week's speaker (Eva) is giving a talk about how to train, teach, and parent without relying on reward and punishment. Afterwards we'll have a group discussion about the talk and whatever else comes to mind.

    There will be complimentary coffee and snacks. Parking is free at the University Heights Center.

  • Activity
    Drunk Herstory @ Brouwers
    Wednesday March 28 2018 at Brouwers Cafe

    We saw this poster at the Secular Social and it sounds fun. Let's go!

    From The Stranger's coverage of last year's event:

    "The original Derek Waters Drunk History episodes—in which drunk comedians' attempts to narrate important historical events are acted out by the likes of Michael Cera, Zooey Deschanel, Don Cheadle, and Jack Black—are undeniable comedy classics, full of such pearls of besotted wisdom as "Tesla was the electric Jesus!" and "Fuckin' Aaron Burr's not on money. You know who is? Alexander Hamilton. He's on the ten." However, we all know that history is only half the story. Now we have Drunk Herstory, "a classy evening of beer drinking and tipsy storytelling" at Brouwer's Cafe. The storytellers are, obviously, women—specifically women in the beer industry—and the event organizers promise that "this group will have you falling off your chair with laughter!" If that wasn't incentive enough, each brewery that is fielding a funny lady to tell drunken stories will also have two or three of their beers on tap, and the proceeds from those beers will go to Planned Parenthood. I defy you to come up with a more perfect Women's History Month event."

    From Brouwers' blog post about this year's event:

    "You know what sounds like a good time? Watching badass women drink beer and talk about other badass women. That’s right, once again, some of our favorite women of craft are here to entertain and educate with Drunk HERstory. Last year was so positive that we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to host this amazing event again and raise money for one of the most important organizations out there – Planned Parenthood. Last year, $10,000 was raised for PP and this year we hope to do even better.

    "There will be two sets of storytellers regaling you with the stories of important women throughout history all whilst enjoying a couple pints from the breweries they represent. We invite you to join us for an evening of fun and fundraising with Drunk HERstory!"

    Also, apparently there’s a sweet video on their Facebook page:

    • What to bring
    Valid ID

    • Important to know
    Brouwers is 21+ only. There is food.

  • Activity
    Seattle Scotch & Beer Fest
    Saturday March 31 2018 at Fremont Studios

    Hey folks! The Seattle Scotch & Beer Festival is happening again! Let's go!

    It's a standard beer tasting festival, where you pay admission ($30+), you get a 4oz tasting glass and a stack of tokens, and you sample several different beers to try new things and maybe find a new favorite!

    They've also got Scotch Seminars, which include samples of several different Scotches and a deep-dive into the process for making it, what makes Scotch distinctive, and the differences between the regions. It's not cheap - $45 on top of the admission price - but it was a lot of fun.

    It's held in the Fremont Studios, which is kitty corner to Brouwers, our standard Secular Social spot. Parking will likely not be easy to find, so I'd highly recommend busing or using your favorite ride share app. Or being ok with parking somewhat farther away.

    Here's a link for the rest of the details, and to buy tickets:

    See you there!

  • Activity
    First Friday Movie Night
    Friday April 6 2018 at Private Apartment Complex Theater in the U District

    The first Friday of the month we get together to watch movies! The movies that are coming up next are Beasts of No Nation (February 2) and Jane (March 2). (Details may change up to 1 week before the show.)

    The movie will be shown in an awesome little theater! There's only room for 12 (plus some floor seating), so it's important to RSVP. First come, first served. Bringing beverages and light snacks to share is completely optional but welcome.

    Please pardon the inconvenience, but because the theater is inside the private apartment building of one of our members, for their safety we don't want to put their details out in public for all the internet to see. If you want to attend, just RSVP, and once the date draws near we'll message you on this app with the address, instructions for how to get into the building, and a phone number to call if you get lost. Please leave a comment here or message us privately with your preferred contact details if you prefer to be contacted some other way besides a message on Meetup. Thanks for your understanding!

    There is free underground parking - the entrance is behind the building. You can enter from the parking lot or the street.